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Aggreko - Powering Events

Since 1989 Aggreko Event Services has provided market leading electrical power and temperature control solutions with design, equipment and specialised support personnel to the Entertainment and event industry around the world.

Uninterruptible power supply

From Olympic Games to local festivals, feature films, government meetings and international tours our portfolio of successfully completed projects speaks for itself, giving you the confidence that comes from our experience.

Our custom built equipment has been specially designed to meet the demands of the event industry including items such as:

  • Silenced generators and temperature control equipment
  • Twin-pack generators
  • Distribution and load sharing panels
  • Modular cable

    The proper sizing of the project is key to effective performance and cost control. For events needing large amounts of reliable power Aggreko supplies discreetly packaged, multi megawatt, power generation units. Our specially designed synchronised generators ensure uninterruptible power supply, critical in an industry "where failure is not an option".

    The expertise of our specialists combined with our ability to understand our customers' needs make Aggreko a valuable partner. Wherever the location, whatever the language, we have the skill, experience and innovation to deliver the best solution.






Aggreko equipment and services are available 24/7 through our network of service centres across. To discuss how we can help you contact us.

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