Rental 100 KW Chiller and Heat Pump

100 KW Chiller and Heat Pump rental

Aggreko can help improve the efficiency of cooling and heating processes by providing its latest generation of High-COP Water Chillers and Heat Pumps for hire.

  • Energy-efficiency and reduction of the cost of energyWCHP 100 delivers the most energy efficient chiller and heap pump option of the rental market. It dramatically reduces the cost of energy for the end user with a COP as high as 3.61 for cooling and EER 2.97 for heating applications
  • Highly Reliable and Proven Design
    Class leading in all Rental Cool and Heat applications WCHP100 has been specifically designed for the rental market to suit many applications and operating environment. It is set to deliver 107 KW cooling capability in temperature range from -12°C to +15°C and 118 KW heating capability (heat pump) for hot water from +30°C to +50°C.
  • Low noise Chiller and Heat Pump
    WCHP100 is suitable where noise levels must be minimized such as Events, Hospitals and Buildings. Standard Low-noise is down to 53 d(B)A at 10m. Extra Low-noise ’Night set back’ switch reduces night time noise levels even further down to 50 d(B)A.
  • Advanced Remote Control Technology
    Advanced control and system integration offers reliable operation as well as a simple-to-use option to optimize the cooling and heating installation remotely, adjusting on demand inlet and outlet temperatures, system pressure, set point parameters and more.

Aggreko's range of water chillers and heat pumps are designed to "plug and play" with all Aggreko temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all your HVAC requirements both commercial and industrial. This includes diesel and electrical Heaters, Air Handlers, Air Conditioners, Cooling Towers, Dry Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Buffer Tanks, Fluid Pumps and Hoses.

Rent a Water Chiller and Heat Pump is as simple and quick as contacting our 24/7 Rental Centre for fast delivery everywhere in Poland.

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