Aggreko Energy Saver

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Monitors process variables in flow or temperature continuously

Guards all Input and Output it is connected to Regulates valves and adjusts fan speed and pump rates automatically optimises performance of equipment ensures stable and optimized systems and installations PROCESS IMPROVEMENT

  • Helps you plan ahead your supplemental cooling for hot summers
  • Debottleneck your system in case of production peak
  • Reduces the impact of flow and temperature peaks
  • Delivers from 7% to 21% energy savings
  • Complies with Green Policies


Runs process analysis and project design Includes equipment selection, software and programming Provides commissioning, maintenance, 24x7 service and Decommissioning of your rental cooling solution Offers dynamic. Real time control and monitoring Provides equipment performance report Suitable for Aggreko’s chillers and cascade cooling systems




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